Behind Lootstatic!

I am Romal, 32, mom of a threenager! I have been an educator for over a decade and have had the opportunity to teach across 3 countries. I have totally implemented/ experimented/ researched sensory play to an unimaginable level.


I saw growth, each time every time.

Be it speech, language acquisition, anxiety management, attention span and even learning,  kids love doing things. They love using their hands, holding, scooping, pouring and getting messy. And each of these aids development.

I started making sensory play bottles, shaker bottles, texture bags etc for my son since he was an infant, we moved to water play, rice, sensory dough eventually. I observed how engaged he would be with the sensory play as opposed to a zillion plastic toys at home.

That is how Loottastic started, and I am enjoying every bit of it.