1. What is the current lead time?
    Our current lead time is 4-7 business days (not including shipping). We do have a pick up location in Oakville, ON and Hamilton, ON. Please select local pick up at check out. 

  2. Can I track my order?
    When your order is shipped, you will be automatically e-mailed a tracking number.

  3. Do you ship to the US?
    Yes, we ship internationally. 

  4. What is sensory play? 
    Sensory play is any activity that stimulates one or more of your child’s senses, such as; touch, taste, smell, sight and hearing leading and enhancing milestone developments. 

  5. What is the difference between a small sensory bin and a large sensory bin? 
    Our small and large sensory bins have the same contents but differ in quantity. For example, the small fairy bin has 2 fairy figurines, whereas the large has 4. Small bins are suited for a bin that is 8 x 6 inches and the large has enough contents for a 10 x 8" bin.

  6. What is the recommended age group?
    Since our sensory bins have small parts, we recommend 3+ years.
    Our toddler and wooden items are safe for 12+ months. 
  7. What ingredients do you use in your playdough?
    Our playdough non-toxic and has a secret recipe. Its ingredients are flour, vegetable oil, salt, food grade coloring, etc. Some of our playdough are scented with high quality food grade essential oils.

  8. How can the playdough be stored? How long does it last?
    We recommend storing the play dough in air-tight containers or zip lock bags. It can last 4 - 6 months if played with regularly using clean hands. If your dough dries out, simply add water and knead into the dough to revive it.

  9. Is your product gluten or peanut-free?
    Our products contain wheat and gluten and are NOT made in a peanut free facility. 

  10. What is your return policy?
    Please contact us if you have any concerns, and our customer care team will be happy to speak with you about your order. Please have your account number and Order ID ready. We do not accept returns outside of a defective product, shipping damages, or our error.