Alphabet Mini Sensory Kit

Alphabet Mini Sensory Kit

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Our Alphabet Sensory Rice Kit is sure to offer hours of fun! 

Includes 26 mini wooden alphabet letters, great for playing hide and seen in our rainbow sensory rice.

Use the plastic tongs to search and pickup letters or look and trace the letters. These activities help develop fine-motor skills and learn letter recognition. 

Our sensory rice contains white rice which is hand dyed with non-toxic food grade food colouring.

Sensory rice is recommended for ages 3+ and requires adult supervision. For dry use only, colour will run when wet.

Included with purchase:

  • ONE bag of Sensory Rice in resealable zipper package. Package size is approximately 4” x 6” and contains approximately 1 cup of rice. Complimentary wooden spoon included with each package.
  • 26 mini wooden alphabet letters in a canvas storage bag 
  • ONE plastic kid size clear tongs and one wooden scooper


Care Instructions: When playtime is over, simply store the rice back in the packaging provided or a jam jar and keep it in a dry place. When stored properly, this rice will last for several months and can be reused over and over.  

*CHOKING HAZARD: Children should always be supervised while playing. Rice should NOT be consumed. If mould becomes visible, discard immediately.

All of our products are recommended for ages 3+. 

**ALLERGY ALERT: This product contains wheat. Not made in a peanut free facility.