Natural Scented Playdough
Natural Scented Playdough

Natural Scented Playdough

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Our playdough is handmade with all-natural materials, in small batches with the highest quality ingredients and made with utmost care. Delicious and luxurious scents make your little ones play with it for hours on end.  Playing with dough has a lot of developmental and educational benefits. It helps foster creativity and fine motor skills, hand and eye coordination in an engaging and playful way. Playdough provides a tactile and sensory learning opportunity whilst developing sensory skills. Your little ones will love the scents and textures and squeezing, poking, pinching, squashing and patting it. 

Suggested for 3+ years. Use under adult supervision only.


Some playdough colours may transfer, please be sure to use on covered surfaces to avoid staining. Salt crystals - If your dough is left unused salt crystals may appear on top. This is perfectly normal, the dough is fine . Play with it and the salt crystals will disappear back in to the dough.

Care Instructions: Store in air-tight containers. Our dough can last upto 8- 12 months if played with consistently and carefully stored. 

***ALLERGY ALERT: This product contains wheat. Not made in a peanut-free facility. 

PLAYDOUGH INGREDIENTS: White Flour, Salt, Food Colouring, Cream of Tartar, vegetable oil and Food Grade Essential Oils/Flavours.